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    Paris, July 3rd

    It goes without saying that Stephane Rolland is one of the kings of haute couture. Time after time, Rolland presents collections that can only be described as fabulous and stunning. Two words that I don’t use often. Stephane Rolland’s collections are popular and celebrities rely on him to produce garments that will out-stage their fellow celebrity friends. Previous wearers of his designs include Lady Gaga who is  known for her outrageous and stunning clothes, Cheryl Cole, and most recently, Beyonce Knowles, who wore a chartreuse one-sleevegown with a hip-high slit from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection at the BET Awards.

    With that in mind, it’s no surprise Stephane Rolland kept with a very similar theme for Fall/Winter 2012. There was the usual long crepe de chine and stain evening dresses all with the heavy draping and long trains, silhouettes that reveal every curve, and plenty of ostrich feather embellishments to add a whole new level of sophistication. The only difference with this offering was the palette. Last season Rolland played with bright reds and absinthe-green. This time, Rolland took note of the season and used autumnal shades and plenty of snowy white. Metallic gold also took a back-seat this season after being incorporated onto almost every garment last season.

    Stephane Rolland may have took repetition to a whole new level, but I’m not fussed. The collection will be popular, perhaps not so much as last season, but I won’t be surprised if I see A-list celebrities lavished in Rolland’s elegant and sophisticated designs.  

    View the entire collection by clicking here.

    Photo: © NowFashion
    Writing is my own.

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